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Congratulations to our ‘Employees of the Quarter’!

Recently we introduced a new incentive scheme we hope will motivate staff, encourage teamwork and recognise the people who make up the backbone of our company. Going forward we will announce our ‘Employee of the Quarter’ every three months.

Taking into account staff feedback, the management team devised the incentive scheme and it was introduced to staff at our last meeting prior to Christmas. It is the first time we’ve done this and not only is it a great way to retain valuable staff – by acknowledging and rewarding their performance and productivity – but as the company grows it is also a great way to attract new recruits.

The employee of the quarter is decided by the staff, everyone votes for who think most deserves to win, all they have to do is give reasons as to why they think this and the person with the most votes wins.

Funnily enough, our first ever vote has resulted in a draw! Therefore we are delighted to announce that our Employees of the Quarter are Jim Hamilton and Chaz Davis!

Staff felt that both Jim and Chaz should be recognised for their effort, hard work and commitment. In particular they commended Jim for the excellent feedback he regualrly receives from customers, he’s always smiling and happy to help, and he has delivered an extremely high standard of work in some our major award-winning contracts.

Similarly, Chaz was also acknowledged for receiving excellent customer feedback, he demonstrates commitment to the job when he works away from home for long periods of time, battling the great Scottish elements yet still manages to lift everyone’s spirits by telling jokes and keeping staff morale high.

The prize for both winners is a weekend in Europe for 2 including flights, transfers & accommodation. This quarter the choice was between Amsterdam or Alicante and each quarter will be a different destination. Jim has chosen to go to Alicante for some sun with his wife and Chaz has yet to decide but is looking forward to a much deserved break!

Well done guys and thanks for all your hard work, here’s to the next Quarter!