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Our visit to Kalzip HQ in Germany

We were delighted to have been invited to the Kalzip head office in Koblenz, Germany earlier in the month to discuss future plans and proposals for expanding our business to Europe and beyond.


Curtis Moore have been part of Kalzip’s TeamKal network since 2014 and over the years we have won a number of awards for specific projects including New Kalzip Contractor of the Year in 2016 and last year we were delighted to be awarded Contractor of the Year.

We have a strong relationship with Kalzip and have relied on their quality products throughout the years to meet the requirements of a number of clients. Kalzip systems can meet the most challenging construction and design needs to create roofs and facades that successfully combine excellent functionality with outstanding aesthetics.


We have worked on numerous projects involving Kalzip solutions including Odeon Cinema Glasgow Quay, Wythenshawe Interchange, Hollywood Bowl Glasgow Quay, Hallside Primary School, Tesco Project Heart, Bilston Primary School, Wick Community Campus and Ayr Academy to name just a few. Kalzip has been proven a natural fit for the high standards and ethos of Curtis Moore and always exceed the expectations of our clients.

Joining the Kalzip network is desirable for contractors throughout the UK and beyond, and Curtis Moore is delighted to be part of an exclusive group of companies who have benefited from partnering with Kalzip. Since then our relationship has strengthened through complex projects and our trip to the office in Koblenz this month further reinforced the partnership between Curtis Moore and Kalzip for the future.


John Mcallister, Sales Director (UK & Ireland) at Kalzip, spoke on their relationship with Curtis Moore,


“The underpinning quality (of TeamKal contractors) is the attitude to quality, design, risk management, health and safety, and ambition and Curtis Moore seem to embody all of those extremely well. I think Curtis Moore’s biggest asset is the team they have built up here over the years…. It was very apparent from the first time we spoke to Andrew and his team in 2014 that Curtis Moore were a ready-made TeamKal contractor and they hit the ground running very quickly with a number of key projects.”

Andrew Devlin (CEO) and Ashleigh Thomson (Business Development Director) met with executives during their trip to the head office to hear about new products and innovations that Kalzip will soon be launching as well as exploring opportunities in Europe and beyond. Curtis Moore are delighted to be involved in the launch of these new innovations and will be working closely with Kalzip during their release.


We hope 2018 will be another successful year on our journey with Kalzip and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.