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Staff day out at Ayr Races!


If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that that we like to reward our hard work, whether that be through our Employee of the Quarter awards or a good day out away from our desks!

We like to get together as a team towards the end of summer, so last Friday 16th September we organised a staff day out at Ayr Races. Our team has expanded over this summer so a day out is always a good way for everybody to get to know each other. The only stipulation was to dress up, let your hair down and have fun!

We enjoyed a delicious 3 course lunch, followed later by sandwiches and cakes and plenty wine & beer throughout the day. To encourage team building everyone was split into groups of four and given £25 per group. The idea was to work together to place bets throughout the day and the winner would be the team who made the most amount of money with any winnings made being divided amongst each group.

It is safe to say that the Curtis Moore team are not seasoned gamblers – all teams lost their team funds except Angela, Ann Marie, Cathy & Eddie who, between them, won a grand total of £7.13! We hope they spent their £1.78 each wisely!

After the meal & races we moved through to the where there was a live band so there was plenty of dancing before getting a coach back home. Everybody had a great day and although there were probably a few sore heads the next morning, it is definitely something we would recommend!

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