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One of our team has an unusual hobby…

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Day job Charlie…

While most of us enjoy some well deserved rest at the weekend, perhaps a spot of golf, a relaxing massage a trip to the theatre, or even a flight in our MD’ s plane! Not our Charlie, oh no, he likes to spend his free time on the battlefield – literally!

That’s correct, our very own Design Manager, Charlie Biggerstaff likes to blow off steam by taking part in battle re-enactments and ironically enough his surname just so happens to be very fitting of his hobby.

Recently, Mr B revealed to us how he blows off steam and we have to admit we’re not altogether surprised, lets just say if he were to be likened to one of the Seven Dwarves, he could give Grumpy a run for his money!

Charlie and son Graeme

Charlie started training with Kevin McManus of the Clan Fight School in Glasgow last year to learn traditional Scottish fighting techniques and broadsword skills along with his son Graeme – thankfully bring your pet to work day isn’t something we do, otherwise Charlie would bring his sword.

Clan Fight School also do battle re-enactment events and take part in filming. Last year in the lead up to the Scottish Referendum they organised a show in Blyth near Newcastle, it doesn’t take a lot to picture the Braveheart scenes and the banter that must have been flowing that day!

Charlie’s son Graeme runs his own business crafting handmade Scottish Targes called Alba Targes (shields to you and I) and various Scottish themed leatherwork. hobby / business in hand-made Scottish Targes ( shields) and various Scottish themed leatherwork.

Using autocad he transfers his own designs to templates for some of the targes and allowing people to commission a custom made piece. The most important drawing he’s produced to date was the ‘Fairy Flag’ targe which will be featured in a new film soon to be released this year.

One of Graeme’s hand crafted targes


All joking aside, the Clan Fight School sounds like a really interesting and unusual hobby. A great way to maintain physical fitness, learn old traditional Scottish martial art and skills and all with a focus on the history of your own country, which many of us would admit to not knowing enough about.