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Marr College with Kier Group

Curtis Moore is delighted to be working with Kier Group and Hub South West Scotland on the redevelopment of Marr College in Troon.

Work is already underway, refurbishing the original structure and building a new technical wing, which has been designed by BDP Architects.

Curtis Moore teams will soon be on site conducting the Kalzip standing seam roofing on the new wing.

Modernising an old structure…

The copper-domed structure has been a feature of the Troon skyline for the past 82 years and the building will now be rejuvenated, inside and out, for the modern age while retaining a nod to the past with old blackboards and wooden cupboards.

They join a vast new wing – the corridor is 492 feet long – which has been skilfully stitched on to the back of the old ashlar sandstone.

The Scottish Futures Trust is investing £37 million through the government’s Schools for the Future programme on the project.

An innovative project…

When the construction work is completed, Marr College’s capacity will be increased from 1,033 to 1,360 pupils. A new wing will be built over three storeys, with a glass atrium connecting the new and original buildings via the back of the structure.

Additionally, a glass roof will be installed above the central courtyards to provide new and innovative learning spaces for students. A single-storey sports complex will also be built, in the hope that this will turn Marr College into a community facility. Public groups will be free to use the space for various activities out with school hours.

Andrew Devlin of Curtis Moore said: “The innovative project will bring a new lease of life to Marr College as well as a wide range of modern provisions for the community.”

Great project management…

The work to Marr College is being carried out without disrupting normal activity and is due to be completed in early 2018.

Head teacher Mrs Elaine McGregor-Sloman praises teams from the Scottish Government, South Ayrshire Council and contractors managed through Kier.

She said: “The project management has been fantastic and we have reviewed things as it goes along.

“This has all had to go on while staff and children are in the middle of a building site and has worked because there was a lot of thought and consideration right at the start.”

Curtis Moore hope that the project is progressing well and that pupils and the wider community will enjoy the modernised facility.