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Congratulations to our two newest members of the board

Curtis Moore is delighted to announce our latest appointments to our Board of Directors – Ailie Adam as our Pre-Construction Director and Eddie McCarron as our Finance Director.


Introducing Ailie…


Ailie has worked for Curtis Moore for eight years, previously as Pre-Construction Manager.

As Pre-Construction Manager, she was responsible for managing the Procurement and Design teams and managing all projects during the pre-construction and early construction phases. During her time in this role, Ailie won a Health and Safety award at the 2018 IOSH West of Scotland Brand Certificate of Merit Awards and assisted with the audit process which saw Curtis Moore achieve all 3 ISO acredditations in 2017.

Now, in her new position as Pre-Construction Director for the company, Ailie will continue to manage the Procurement and Design departments whilst learning new aspects of the business and further refining the pre construction processes.

Ailie says: “Going forward, I plan to further develop and refine these departments to help towards achieving the strategic goals of the business. Our focus as a business is to expand our presence in England whilst continuing to focus on the Scottish market.

“I’m excited to see what the future brings and am delighted to be on the board and play a part in achieving the Company’s goals for the coming years.”


Introducing Eddie…


Eddie has been with Curtis Moore for five years, working as Head of Accounts. Although, he has been in the construction industry since 1982.

In his new role as the company’s Finance Director, Eddie will have the overall control and responsibility for all financial aspects. His new role is a challenge in which he looks forward to.

Eddie says: “Going forward, myself and the rest of the Board are focused on consolidating the business in Scotland and expanding our market share down south.

“Each year a Financial Budget is set, this is not just an exercise in number crunching, this drives the strategic thinking in every department from Sales and Marketing, through Estimating, Purchasing, Production to Commercial. With the support of all staff we can ensure further success for the business. Protecting the interests of the business is paramount.

Eddie gives special thanks to his predecessor, Yvonne Devlin, who he says has provided him with ‘unstinting support’ since he joined the company.

Ailie and Eddie will be joining fellow board members, Andrew Devlin, Yvonne Devlin, Euan Walker, Alex Miller and Ashleigh Thomson.

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