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A change of scenery for Captain Andros D’Elfin…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year when it comes from the team at Curtis Moore! 

It’s been an exciting year for Curtis Moore, we’ve worked on some fantastic projects and expanded our talented team, adding one particularly interesting character – Captain Andros D’Elfin!

D’Elfin didn’t enjoy working for Santa as much as he thought he might, especially on a zero hours contract. So, after working with Curtis Moore on last  years project at the St Nick’s Aviation Centre,  he approached us with an interesting prospect.

If you follow our blogs, you’ll know we were lucky enough this year to have won work all over the UK, from up north in Wick down to London. We’re delighted that 2016 is looking like it will involve more of this! Which got us thinking, it would be great to be able to visit clients, projects and prospective jobs quickly and easily across the country without taking too much time out of the busy working day.

So without further ado, allow us to introduce Captain Andros D’Elfin, our Chief Pilot & Transport Manager! P.S Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see some outtakes from filming!