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Don’t be too quick to blame your roofing contractor…

If you’ve suffered roof damage during the recent extreme weather don’t be too quick to blame your roofing contractor. Yes, sometimes we do see shoddy workmanship, or evidence of cutting corners, but not always.

Following the adverse weather during January, we’ve been called in to look at many damaged roofs, thankfully none that were fitted by Curtis Moore. However, rather than bad workmanship, invariably it is the roof design solution that was not right for the building or it’s location. Unfortunately it’s all to common a problem.


We recognised this many years ago, and we think that’s why our roofs stand up to all that the weather conditions throw at them.

At Curtis Moore we offer a comprehensive consultancy and design service provided by our team of experts. Very often we work closely with architects who seek our advice about the precise roof design and specification during their design process.


It’s also worth noting that the most expensive solution is not always the best. There are many things to consider when specifying roofs and cladding, that’s where experience plays a big part. Our team have worked on all types of buildings whether it’s a new build, refurbishment, or restoration. Every solution they provide is different; every one carefully considered and meticulously planned.

The same applies to damaged roofs; it may not be a sensible option to throw good money after bad. Experts predict a big change in weather patterns in the future, so roofs and cladding will need to be able to withstand worsening conditions. A quick patch up is therefore not a wise long-term investment.

So, it may not be the roofing contractors fault that you are now experiencing difficulties, the problem may be higher up the chain!