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Curtis Moore are very proud to offer a ‘Full Project Service’, when we take the clients requirements from the inception of the project through the design and construct stage to completion on site. The process involves several disciplines in the Construction Industry, whereby our in house team of design and cost professionals work with the Client to ensure that the best possible solution is achieved relative to budget, quality and programme requirements. Within our experienced team we have Structural Engineers, Architects and Quantity Surveyors who work with our clients to develop the design ideas and liaise throughout the construction process to ensure that all aspects of our clients requirements are catered for.

Curtis Moore often take on the role as Principal Contractor when our refurbishment projects fall under the requirements of the CDM Regulations. This assists our clients greatly and gives them peace of mind that all legislative requirements are being dealt with. Whilst operating as Principal Contractor, Curtis Moore often engage the services of specialist sub contractors if required to complete the scope of the works. This again eliminates the requirement for our clients to deal with several contractors when contemplating a refurbishment project. We have received excellent feedback from clients who have chosen the Full Project Service, saying that the tailored approach, attention to detail and professionalism meant that their project was delivered on time on budget and exceeded expectations.