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Our Residential Services

Within the residential sector, Curtis Moore has a wealth of knowledge in new build and refurbishment projects working directly with the client as Principal Contractor or as a sub-contractor.

On many of our residential projects to date, the buildings have remained occupied whilst major refurbishment works are undertaken. In these instances, substantial thought is given to the potential impact on the residents and the ways in which we mitigate disturbance as well as the strict health and safety requirements that impact not only our workers but the residents themselves. Curtis Moore will always work with the client and residents to ensure the best approach for all is taken and this is a perfect example of where early contractor engagement can really benefit the smooth running of a project. Currently, in the UK, there are many re-cladding works of residential properties being undertaken and Curtis Moore have worked closely with many architects and clients offering advice and guidance on re-cladding products and procedures.

In addition to the residential projects themselves, Curtis Moore recognise the importance of the local community and will always endeavour to engage in projects that will enhance the local area and educate those living there.