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Local Residents Involved in Naming New NHS Campus

The 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – an organisation that provides specialist mental health and learning disability services to the residents of Wigan – is currently developing a multi-million complex, Atherleigh Park, which will provide services for adults with dementia and those suffering from various mental health illnesses. However, they want the local community to get involved with the project, as they encouraged members of the public to contribute suggestions for names of wards within the complex.


Expected to be open and operating by autumn 2016, the hospital will house the necessary in patient facilities. In patients from the current site at Leigh Infirmary have also contributed ideas for ward names, themed around local history and famous locals.

We are delighted to be working closely with Kier Construction on this project, carrying out a varied range of roofing and cladding on the complex, located in Atherleigh Way, Leigh.

We fitted the structure with Kingspan KS1000LP ‘Low Pitch’ composite roof panels, Marley fibre cement slating, western red cedar timber cladding and powder coated aluminium parapet cappings. The mixed materials used on the exterior give the building a very sleek and contemporary aesthetic.


The hospital will be split into two separate buildings. Phase one will accommodate 48 adults, both male and female and will feature en-suite rooms, providing a comfortable and secure environment for in patients suffering from mental health illnesses. A psychiatric intensive care unit will also feature in phase one, with phrase two featuring a further 42 en-suites, accommodating those suffering from dementia, in the later stages of life.

The local influence is very apparent, in that the complex will also offer a space for local charities and voluntary groups for provision of community services.

The site for this project, formerly the Leigh Amateur Rugby League Ground provides a great location, allowing the complex to very much become a “hub” for the community, creating a large number of new job opportunities and enhancing the provision of mental health care. The new site will bring an increase in the number of beds currently available at the Leigh Infirmary, which will also be of significantly higher quality.

We look forward to seeing this project completed and are proud to be a part of the process, as the advantages and opportunities it will bring to the community are already clear to see.