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Drones: Taking the Construction Industry to New Heights

Construction projects are complicated, time-consuming & resource-intensive. But once complete, they are always worth it. So when technological advances reach our industry that offer the opportunity to manage large projects that little bit easier, why aren’t more people doing it?

To be more specific, we are talking about drones and their impact on the construction industry. Here at Curtis Moore, we have always appreciated the value of evaluating our work from an aerial viewpoint, but our experience of this is normally from the passenger seat of Andrew Devlin’s company plane.


We have always appreciated the value that a birds-eye view of a construction project can bring, albeit our methods of gaining this view have been more traditional. However, drones offer the same capabilities for a fraction of the man hours and cost.

All over the world, contractors like us are embracing the development of new technology to provide added value to the service they provide clients. Recently we used a drone to capture aerial shots of one of our current projects; the new Wick North Primary School & Wick High School, both shots were taken by Sinclair Aerial Surveys.

Wick Primary

We are seeing the use of drones in our sector becoming more prevalent as other contractors begin to appreciate the advantages it can bring. Some of the key ways drones can be used include; quickly surveying a site, showing clients progress, monitoring job sites, inspecting structures, help improve safety and all this additional information and feedback can help keep a project on track and on budget.


There’s nothing “up in the air” about it and it’s safe to say the use of drones wont just be a trend or a fad, from what we can tell they are here to stay, and from our experience of having the advantage of an aerial view point, it can only be a good thing for the industry as a whole.

Photo credit to Chris Sinclair of Sinclair Aerial Surveys.

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