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Curtis Moore’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Curtis Moore, we are committed to sustainability in all that we do. We understand the importance of tackling social and environmental sustainability issues in every aspect of our industry and take steps to reduce the environmental impact in every project we undertake.

It’s a balancing act; we aim to support economic growth while delivering increased social value to the local communities we work in, and faithfully support our employees, clients, and communities while doing so. For every Curtis Moore project, we will work closely with the client and main contractor to assist them as much as possible in achieving the projects sustainability targets. But how exactly do we do this?

Our Employees

From ensuring our workplace is a place where all of our employees feel respected, supported and encouraged, to continually developing and training staff members as well as taking on apprentices each year, our commitment to the Curtis Moore team is paramount.


We will work with main contractors to engage with and educate the local community. And wherever possible, we will support the local community by using local companies for the duration of our projects.


We hold a SEPA waste carriers licence and operate a minimal waste policy on all our projects; in turn we expect our suppliers to hold similar policies and strive to deliver products with minimal waste packaging.


We hold toolbox talks prior to each project and set objectives, targets and programmes to control and reduce the effect of environmental aspects through our HSEQ Objectives register and environmental management programme.


In line with our environmental and waste policies, we are also committed to sustainable procurement of the products we use. This means considering what they are made from, who has made them, where they have come from, how they are transported and how they are disposed of.

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